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    Why barter in business?

    Most business owners are not keen on wasting their cash flow, which is why they prefer bartering; because it saves the liquidity they need to maintain, moves their extra stock or idle goods, and makes use of their downtime or spare capacity. The probabilities that business operations carried out as direct one-to-one barter deals will rarely end with a positive win-win outcome.


    The "Think Barter" platform is effective, flexible, and limitless in terms of options. "Think Barter" overrode the obstacles of the past when a direct one-to-one barter deal was not what a client might have wanted, but was what had been available. The "Think Barter" of today created a legal payment credit line of "Think Barter" points through which our clients can trade conveniently with hundreds of other "Think Barter" registered members all across Jordan.

    How does it work?

    "Think Barter" established a more flexible, safe and fully reliable way for businesses to trade their goods, services, or rentals with other businesses all across Jordan, and looking to expand to the entire region soon. "Think Barter" is the largest B2B cashless barter-trade network in Jordan with plenty of registered members/cardholders across the country now effectively using our "Think Barter" cashless barter-trade exchange system to:

    •Expand their network of customers, who generate increased revenue streams

    •Move extra stock or make the most of their downtime

    •Create the required cash to pay for their existing expenses

    •Ramp-up their profits by introducing new businesses.



    Catch the attention of potential customers

    Unleash your business potential to a whole new level, market, and customers without price reduction or brand compromise.

    Decreased cash expenses

    "Think Barter" supports you to ramp up your sales by:

    • Enabling you to better utilize your earned Think Barter (TB) points
    • Acting as a zero interest line of credit for buying a variety of products and services that would cater to your business and lifestyle.

    Efficiently freeing up some of your cash costs by spending your Think Barter (TB) Points instead, therefore maintaining liquidity.

    Create strategic business relationships

    "Think Barter" has a large number of cardholders country-wide eager to network and excited to be doing business with you. By linking with other businesses, you constantly have the opportunity to carry out a trade exchange, and add a new cash referral business due to establishing new business connections.

    Zero-Interest line of credit

    By becoming a "Think Barter" Member, You will get a zero interest stream of credit that is subject to your trading totals, equity and protection. "Think Barter" members will grow confident to fund their needed capital growth for their businesses. Business owners can apply for substantial credit lines to buy property, carry-out complete renovations, renew their office furniture/equipment or conduct new marketing campaigns to grow businesses.

    Elevate your quality of life

    Pick and choose from more than a thousand lodging options; pay for new apparel, leisure pursuit, hobby equipment, fitness center memberships as well as massages, dining out, home renovations, and soft furnishings while sparing your cash.

    Expand your product range

    Improve your business, and sharpen your brand edge when you widen your product range on "Think Barter". TB Members have the option to buy stock from other TB registered suppliers for wholesale or retail rates while adding new product lines to your list of sold services or goods. This option opens up an endless range of possibilities for "Think Barter" members as they are not anymore limited to selling only their products but are also able to trade with other completely new products.

    Better Control of your marketing strategy

    Receive a full range of marketing support services to give your brand the exact needed exposure. "Think Barter" offers an online directory, eMarketPlace platform, e-newsletters, tradeshows and networking functions creating opportunities for your usage of your Think Barter (TB) Points (already credited in your balance) promoting your business to the cash economy through the right marketing channels by: advertising, distributing promotional giveaways, sponsorships and other related PR campaigns.

    Settle Outstanding Balances

    In tough economic times and financial turbulence, some "Think Barter" business owners may not have sufficient cash flow to support paying some of their financing entities. By being a "Think Barter" Member, they have the option to use their Think Barter (TB) Points, owned products, or the services bought via Think Barter Network as a means to pay all or part of their cash liabilities faster.

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