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    Why Barter in Business?

    Most businesses struggle with finding new clients and customers to grow the business exponentially, even when they have the best product, customer service, and tools available at their fingers. And also, involving cash in the transaction brings a downtrend for the company’s savings account as they cannot dispose of their extra stock.
    Direct Bartering is the direct exchange of goods or services without cash or a third-party medium. In today's world, businesses rely on direct bartering to save their money, grow the business effectively, and eliminate the extra inventory in exchange for valuable goods. But the main three obstacles that restrict direct barter deals are time, need, and value. That's why most of the time direct barter fails.
    Hence, Think Barter has made the entire process more straightforward for businesses and freelancers to swap their products and services with other relevant businesses to move the business’s growth trend in a positive direction and also get the chance to scale exponentially.
    Think Barter is a third-party record keeper; it facilitates trading between members. It has made it simpler and more effective for businesses to reduce their expenses and build a strong community of B2B partners from across the globe.

    How to use Think Barter Network?

    There are many different ways to use Think Barter to build your business and upgrade your lifestyle. Upon joining, you will be assigned an Account Manager to discuss the multiple options that best suit your business. The Account Manager will operate as your Purchasing Manager and your Sales Manager.
    This global trading exchange platform is a 100% barter exchange. Upon joining, every member agrees to exchange at 100% full barter using the electronic trading points "Barter Points" to transact. Think Barter's global trade exchange platform allows cash only in real estate, continuous supply agreements, and large transactions. One Barter Point (BP 1) is equivalent to One Jordanian Dinar (JOD 1).
    To facilitate trading, members who are part of the Think Barter Network will have access to an interest-free line of credit. This interest-free line of credit can be utilized to buy goods and services, and members pay it back by selling their products and services during their membership with TBN

    Think Barter at Present and Beyond


    Member companies recorded in the Think Barter Network (TBN), are equipped via the "The TBN Digital Marketplace." In the past five years, the global trade platform has facilitated more than 10,000  sales and purchases transactions amongst more than 250 member organizations and 150 individual freelancers in Jordan where TBN associates trade goods and services valued at more than 5 million USD via trade points called TBN trade points.
    At present, the Think Barter Network (TB Network) has a presence in 55 cities, situated in 21 countries around the world. The countries in the TB Network include Jordan, Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, the Caribbean, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Mexico, Mongolia, Mozambique, Portugal, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey, UK, USA.


    Think Barter Founder 

    Think Barter is the first and leading B2B trade network in the Arab region, with more than 250 businesses in Jordan. It was created by Nesreen Obeidat, CEO & Founder of the company. Nesreen held positions across many diverse industries and sectors and has thorough experience in managing and operating barter networks. She was the Trading Director at Bartercard, the biggest barter network in the world. She was responsible for managing a client base of 2500 businesses and generated more than $40 Million in trade volume. She then moved to Orange, the telecommunication operator in Jordan, as the Head of Corporate Sales and succeeded in breaking records and targets. Her last endeavor as an employee was with Queen Rania Al Abdullah Initiative, Madrasati. She played a very important role as the External Relations & Fundraising Director and succeeded to raise more than $30 Million to reform the worst 500 public schools in Jordan. Her experience varies between the corporate world and the non-profit, and this combination added a beautiful flavor to her new baby, Think Barter Network.





    Attract new customers

    Unleash your business potential to a whole new level, market, and customers without price reduction or brand compromise.

    Reduce your expenses

    "Think Barter" supports you to ramp up your sales and efficiently freeing up some of your cash costs by spending your Think Barter (TB) trade points instead, therefore maintaining liquidity.

    Win new business partners

    "Think Barter" has a large number of cardholders country-wide eager to network and excited to be doing business with you. By linking with other businesses, you constantly have the opportunity to establish new business connections.

    Free-Interest line of credit

    By becoming a "Think Barter" Member, You will get an interest-free credit line. Business owners can apply for substantial credit lines to buy property, carry-out complete renovations, renew their office furniture/equipment or conduct new marketing campaigns to grow their businesses.

    Get a better lifestyle

    Pick and choose from more than a thousand lodging options; pay for new apparel, leisure pursuit, hobby equipment, fitness center memberships as well as massages, dining out, home renovations, and soft furnishings while saving your cash.

    Add more products

    Improve your business, and sharpen your brand edge when you add more products to your product range on "Think Barter". This option opens up an endless range of possibilities for "Think Barter" members as they are not anymore limited to selling only their products but are also able to trade with other completely new products.

    Value Added Services

    Think Barter is a business solution, it can help you in paying your creditors, collecting your debts, creating your loyalty program, and paying your employees incentives.

    Pay your debts

    In tough economic times and financial turbulence, some "Think Barter" business owners may not have sufficient cash flow to support paying some of their financing entities. By being a "Think Barter" Member, they have the option to use their Think Barter Points as a way to pay all or part of their debts faster.

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    1. A Cloud Based System

    Think Barter Services will supply a hosted desktop solution that is located in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. This simply means the member’s users can access the Think Barter suite of applications by simply logging on a PC.


    As a Microsoft Partner with a service provider licencing agreement, Think Barter services can build the necessary virtual infrastructure within a remote datacentre to create a desktop hosting service to implement a set of isolated tenant environments, consisting of virtual machines all communicating over an isolated virtual network.




    Hosted on secure dedicated virtual private servers

    Fully maintained and reactive monitoring 24/7

    Improved business continuity as servers are backed up to a second datacentre, and High Availability (HA) if the primary physical server fails unexpectedly, your service is relaunched on an alternative physical server within minutes

    Managed firewall

    Reduced capital outlay on expensive server and networking hardware

    Reduced cost of supporting your own IT hardware. eg.Wages, power, cooling, networking, backup and providing a secure environment.

    Think Barter’s sophisticated software is a fully integrated multi-user solution that is unique to Think Barter. It is the culmination of 24 years intensive research and development.. The menu driven software offers the users ease of use, true reporting flexibility and I.D. specific, multi-leveled security access to sensitive data.


    The Think Barter suite of applications include the following:

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    2. Continuous Support

    Think Barter Services and the Think Barter Members enter into a mutual benefiting business relationship and as such Services has a vested interest to ensure all Think Barter Members continue to grow and prosper.

    The Think Barter Member will have access to a team of highly qualified and very experienced professionals to help guide and coach the member’s team at each stage of their businesses growth cycle.

    These professionals expertise and experience cover all the required disciplines including; New member acquisition; Trade development; Franchising sales and support; Administration systems and management; Finance management and reporting; Information technology; Training and General management.

    The continual support is not only through experienced professionals but also the Member’s staff will have access to Think Barter’s proprietary centralised online training, testing and manuals repository specifically designed for Think Barter staff.

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    3. Brand Management

    Brand consistency and messaging is essential in building an iconic national and international brand.

    Think Barter Services helps TB Business Owners formulate their own local marketing plans and provide them with access to Think Barter’s intranet marketing portal (eMarketPlace). All Think Barter Members across Jordan can access this portal 24/7 and post and share marketing ideas, campaigns and collateral.

    New TB Members have the opportunity to save thousands of man hours in marketing conception planning, designing, and testing when they can instantly access the marketing portal. The Member has the opportunity to choose from an extensive and growing library of ideas, campaigns, and collateral to tailor fit their own operation.

    As a New TB Member, a snapshot of some of the available materials are:


    •Brand style guides

    •Brand banner and brochure designs

    •Brand stationary designs

    •Brand website templates, content, images, and style guide

    •Multiple ready to go Ebooks and Blog articles

    •Member communication e-newsletter templates and content

    •Local office area marketing template plans and guidelines

    •Extensive image library

    •Advertising industry specific campaigns – internet, radio and print

    •Educational and marketing videos

    •PR communications checklist, fact sheets, Articles, Press releases

    •Inbound marketing and remarketing systems

    •Local event management and how to guidelines


    Think Barter will be forever researching, adapting, innovating and continually evolving to stay relevant to business owners and in doing so will as a corporate goal remain the country’s largest and most successful cashless trade exchange.


    fill out the membership application form below or download membership sheet in pdf format

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