Selling in Uncertain Times


In order to keep selling in "Uncertain Times", We- Here at "Think Barter Network" - like to be always Looking at "Our Vision" all the time and keep changing & accepting new changes in the Market around us. 


1. Draw "Your Vision": 

You should be able to fully imagine your dream vision anddraw it on a piece of paper. This is how your vision is… This is what it looks like. This is your Purpose. You need to be able to see and show "Your Vision" all the time. 

We are in tough economic times. You should be always lookingat "Your Vision" every time you wake up in the morning, every time you eat, and every time you go to sleep at night. At Work, Start every Meeting with "Your Vision" and End it with "Your Vision" and keep doing this again and again.  

This is how we look today and this is the difference we needto make to reach "Our Vision". Your Employees should be always able to see "You are going to the other side". You "As a Leader", you see the other side and you see the "Vision". 

Here at "Think Barter Network" --We love to Speakthe Language of the "SKEPTIC" Rule to sustain and prosper further in our Sales Strategy -- Where "SKEPTIC" stands for: 

S: is "Society" around us 

K: is "Competition" in the Market around us 

E: is the "Economy" around us 

P: is the "Politics" around us 

TI: is the "Technology Industry" around us 

C: is Our Valued "Customer" 

2. Change and Accept New Changes in the Market: 

You should be able to condition yourself to change andaccept new changes all the time. You must be always "One Step Ahead" of the upcoming changes in the market around you. Change is like a Muscle. You need to keep training it and building it. The More Resilient Your Muscle is, The More Flexible & Change-Accepting "Your Business" becomes. 

Get Your Head out of "Your Business" and focus onthe shift coming to the marketplace and use the "SKEPTIC" Tool. You should set back and look at all of these words and see what is really happening around "You" and "Your Business". What Do We Really Need to
Focus On and Work On? 

The Powerful Thing about Using this Strategy is that You GetEach and Every Member of "Your Team" Involved and therefore it becomes embedded in their Minds. Now, once you have fully understood what is going on in the Market around "You". Then, you have to decide -- How you are going to respond/react to this rapidly changing Business World. 

3. The word "Competition" should always be lookedat more positively as "Collaboration" & "Synergy" where the combined efforts of all businesses partnering and collaborating with each other is much greater than the summation of all individual businesses' efforts
together. Consequently, Your Resources will get increased and you will achieve better Market Outreach much easier. 

4. We should always keep Asking Ourselves:  

a) Who are we "Now" in the Middle of this COVID-19Crisis? And  b) Whom do we want to be eventually "At the End"when this crisis is over?  

The Answers to these two questions must be aligned with YourBusiness's "Core Values" and must be clear. "Core Values" will guide you through these very difficult "Uncertain Times". "Core Values" reduce Anxiety. 

5. In order to grow "Your Business" you shouldfirst secure Your Base. You should focus on "Existing Customers". You should reach out to them and keep talking to them continuously for two
important reasons: a) You are "Here -- In the Market" for them. Youshould listen to them so that you understand "their pain" and start using their language in addressing their everyday Business Needs. 

b) Your Products and Services Offerings must be relevant towhat is in your Customers' Minds. If you are wondering how you are going to sell to them? Go ahead and ask them -- What they need? 

6. Connect with more and more people, and Build and ExpandYour Network. You are not really working if you are not networking! 

7. You have to invest in your Team. Strengthen "YourTeam". Lead them through the power of Questions & Answers. Ask each and every team member what are your thoughts. You "As a Leader", you have to be transparent and show them the obstacles "Your Business" is currently facing and ask them what you think we should do about it. 

Give them all the power, and the authority to think aboutthese problems/obstacles their own way and come up with the solution in their own way of thinking.

8. Rock & Roll Together and Keep Moving. The market place moving really fast and sudden shifts are happening "Now" in the market outside around "Your Organization". 

You should see what is working and what Not Working is. Tryto fully understand the: "Seeds -- Weeds -- Needs" Rule. The Biggest Obstacle that impedes your business growth is "Weeds". You need to overcome the "Weeds" and stop doing things that are distracting "You" or things that are holding you back from getting to the growth
level you are targeting for "Your Business". Now, you have the sufficient time you need to transform "Your Business". 

9. Rinse & Repeat: The Strategy we just followed needsto be carried out over and over again. You will usually go through three phases in your business transformation journey during Uncertain Times: 

a) Stabilize 

b) Embrace 

c) Transform