Think Barter : The First Barter Network in the Arab World

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ThinkBarter is the first and leading B2Btrade network in the Arab region, with more than 250 businesses in Jordan. It was created by Nesreen Obeidat, CEO &Founder of the company.

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Nesreen held positions across many diverse industries and sectors and has thorough experience in managing and operating barter networks. She was the Trading Director at Bartercard, the biggest barter network in the world. She was responsible for managing a client base of 2500 businesses and generated more than $40 Million in trade volume. She then moved to Orange, the telecommunication operator in Jordan, as the Head of Corporate Sales and succeeded in breaking records and targets. Her last endeavor as an employee was with Queen Rania Al Abdullah Initiative, Madrasati. She played a very important role as the External Relations & Fundraising Director and succeeded to raise more than $30 Million to reform the worst 500 public schools in Jordan. Her experience varies between the corporate world and the non-profit, and this combination added a beautiful flavor to her new baby, Think Barter Network. 

Think Barter is a business-to-business barter exchange, and the main objective of the firm is to make the goods and services exchange feasible for businesses without using cash within the network. Think Barter assists in bringing extra business and saving cash. Members of Think Barter’s global trading exchange platform can transact using online transactions and has also has apps for Apple, Android, and Windows phones. 

ThinkBarter launched a fully trustworthy, flexible, and secure platform for companies to barter their goods and services with other companies globally and eventually expand in all Arab countries. The firm can work with any global business that can take additional customers and has the potential to be promoted internationally. 

Member companies recorded in the ThinkBarter Network (TBN), are equipped via the "The TBN DigitalMarketplace." In the past five years, the global trade platform has facilitated more than 10,000 sales and purchases transactions amongst more than 250 member organizations and 150 individual freelancers in Jordan. TBN trade volume records reached around 5 million USD via trade points called TBN trade points. 

How to use Think Barter? 

There are many different ways to use Think Barter to build your business and upgrade your lifestyle. Upon joining, you will be assigned an Account Manager to discuss the multiple options that best suit your business. The Account Manager will operate as your Purchasing Manager and your Sales Manager. 

This global trading exchange platform is a 100% barter exchange. Upon joining, every member agrees to exchange at 100% full barter using the electronic trading points "BarterPoints" to transact. Think Barter's global trade exchange platform allows cash only in real estate, continuous supply agreements, and large transactions. One Barter Point (BP 1) isequivalent to One Jordanian Dinar (JOD 1).  

To facilitate trading, members who are part of the Think Barter Network will have access to an interest-free line of credit. This interest-free line of credit can be utilized to buy goods and services, and members pay it back by selling their products and services during their membership with TBN. 

Think Barter at present and beyond

 At present, the Think Barter Network (TB Network) has a presence in 55 cities, situated in 21 countries around the world. The countries in the TB Network include Jordan, Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, the Caribbean, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Mexico, Mongolia, Mozambique, Portugal, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey, UK, USA.   

At present and beyond

For 2022 and beyond, Think Barter has plans for further expansion in different countries and markets where barter trading for goods and services is increasing in popularity. Think Barter is opening up to the world in many ways, from its headquarters in Jordan - and becoming a member of Think Barter’sGlobal Trade Platform will surely open up your business to more opportunities globally.    Watch out for more news and updates from ThinkBarter in our weekly new journal here in the Think Barter Blog and follow us to get the latest news in bartering and trade on the Think Barter LinkedIn Page.


Turn downtime into growth and save cash for your business by trading with the best partners in our international barter trading platform  - the first of its kind in the Arab World!